GREEN LIFE the Graden Tool Design

After working on some gardening project when I was a sophomore, I found some inconveniences through personal experience. I found that the watering process using a plant waterer took a toll on the arm and wrist. So my goal on this design is to come up with a wrist and arm friendly plant waterer.

Design Concept

A conventional plant waterer stores water on the waterer itself. Causing stress on the user’s arm and wrist due to the water’s weight. Which can be a problem to the old and young users. The main concept is to come up with an easier way to use a plant waterer.

An Easier Watering Hand Movement

The handle’s design on this plant waterer makes it easy for the water to be poured out. By simply pulling the lever by one hand and holding the waterer with the other, which provides a movement that mitigates the change of “ the center of mass ”, resulting in an easier usage. The once stressing process is now done easily with this GreenLife Plant Waterer. With the GreenLife Plant Waterer, the young and old can now enjoy gardening without stress.

GREEN LIFE - the brand new watering can