In 2061 there will be less nature resource we can get. Less and less people are able to have their own garden to grow plants.

Plants, flowers, leaves comfort people's hearts. People all have their garden themselves, no matter It's in reality or in their mind. Garden is a kind of place that people can run away from the hustle and enjoy their peace without being disturbed.

In 2017, STORIES stores people's garden into mini Garden vivariums, and it can live forever inside the glass vivariums. Vivariums also can prevent the garden from being ruined by the outside world.

People in 2061 have more stress and less place to live. (hard to have place to grow plants as well) In this project STORIES targets people who live nearby Brockley as emaxples.

Everytime you are down or feeling bad you can look at the mini garden, by doing so you can just isolate yourselves from the outside world for a deep breathe. No one will hurt you in your quietly garden.