My Dear Daily Panic

Poker card game

The Cell Urself Project aim to dig deep into who I really am, what I really love about, and find the strength I own. After followed by the develop work of 40 diaries, I tend to say I got to know myself better.

The Panic

I have noticed that everyday I spend lots of time dealing with panic. However, that does not mean I hate myself. Instead, that is exactly who I am, and I feel comfortable with my panic.

The panic I have build who I am. That is how I get worried , upset and even excited about the world. This is where I get the idea of this project, ‘My dear daily panic’.


Choosing poker card game as my product to make interpret the concept of ‘ I want to play with my panic’.


In this project, I choose using screen printing as the technique. I was under heavy pressure of not going of have enough time to finish. Each poker card set have 54 cards, we were asked to make 5 copies. each card needs to be printed double-side, one side even got two layers to print. That is to say, to finish one card need at least 3 times well printed, and for one set of cards, need 54 well printed cards.

Play with panic/ Evaluate report

Even though at that present of making works made me feel struggle, as my concept of this project, play with my panic. I was really enjoy the panic I have at the same time feel stressed. In the process of screen printing, I kept thinking how can I do to work more smoothly ,how I can adjust my design, or plan to reduce the unnecessary work to make things easier. And got to know better of how to print successfully.

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