Memories are just like tree rings , it growth by every second.

Everybody have their own memory library in their minds. Which organize their thoughts, feelings and their experiences.

This library has lots of entrance. And it operates 24-7. Those entrances are invisible but like black hole, which you might easily go into the memory library by any chance and struggling to climbing out. It s dangerous at the same time. Because sometimes you might just stuck and find yourself couldn't get out of it.

A photo of sky print on tracing paper. Being in your memory library is like you are in the sky. It's so broad and free. Memories are just like tree rings , it growth by every second.

The owener

You are your own director of your mind library.

People in life

Store information about the figures in your life into different drawer of cabinets. There might be some LOCKED cabinets, for the person/people the hide somewhere deep down in your heart that you try hard to avoid to ink of.

How to store your pain

You definitely will suffer in pain in the very beginning once you experience mental injury, however, when you finally reach point P, you can store your pain into capsules. Nevertheless, you will not be able to know when is the time for reaching point P. Keep you from suffering heartbreak.

Store your sorrow into capsules so that the memories won’t bitter you anymore. However, the memories still fermenting under your skin, within your blood, live with you for the rest of your life.

It is not possible to get rid of the sad memories entirely, the way to store memories can only lighten your pain. Must be very careful not to break the glass bottles, otherwise you will spread the pain all over your soul which will erode your heart.

Archive of billions thoughts

Store every thoughts in mind, arrange it in each bookshelf each day.

Recommendatory Book of the Month

This month we introducing 99 Ways of Dying.

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