HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour 2016 Trailer

This Trailer is a event trailer which have the participant a look about the upcoming Asia Innovation Tour. In the wake of the rapid drum and the outerspace-like graphic style, you can see the outline about the event and get excited about the event.

Style Frame

From the initial concept to the final video production. Style Frame is inevitable elements to quickly review the design direction and the wording. First, we want to present a mystery feeling and something is comming. Surely here comes some Graphic which is from the HWTrek. Then some key wordings show up to lead you to the next composistion, "Event Preview". Finally, showing "the call to action" wording and the time/location.

Color Adjustment

The form of the nodes and lines is purpose to present as the connection of the Creator and Expert in the HWTrek Platform. And the color adjustment is base on the style of the whole trailer which is follow the "Outer Space" and the Galaxy" style.

Components Animation

From left to Right is : Hacker Number, Expanding Connection, Wording Transition.

Layer by Layer

Here are some layers transition to show how the composition is made.

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